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If you looking for some unique epic inspirational music or background corporate sounds, just send to us letter with your wishes.

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What is Royalty free music?


Royalty free music it's free music?

Royalty free music it’s not the same “FREE music”.
But actually it’s cost very cheapest.
Regular prise 15-20 $
Royalty free music – mean that’s you don’t need paying to composer or music owner every time when you will be using your purchased music track.

Type of license

We have some diffirent type of license.
Broadcast License – 30-38 $
Music Mass Reproduction – 60-76 $
Music Broadcast – 120-152 $
Music Broadcast & Film – 240-304 $
More information here

How can I use thise music on my video projects?

First – you have to understand what type of license you need.
After that you need to purchase item on
It’s super easy, press the button “Buy this track” or “basket icon” and you will be redirect on selling page.

What type of payments we accept.

Paypal and Payoneer payment system.
If you want to buy Royalty free music with different way just let us known.

What type of files you will be have after purchasing.

You will have “.ZIP” archive with audio files format: WAV and mp3
Also you will be have license document “.pdf” format with your purchasing information and license code.

I want unique music for my project!

We accept orders on different type of music.
If you need good and interesting Royalty free music – just let us known via email or web and social services.

How much coast your freelance work?

It depends on the type of the work and deadline time.
Regular price – 30$ per hour.

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